Katherine Bernhardt


acrylic and spray paint on canvas
36 x 36 inches

The approachable messiness and playful subject matter of Katherine Bernhardt’s paintings are hard to resist. Scrawled versions of familiar, name-brand household products (which Bernhardt chooses, in part, for their well-known shapes) float within patterned compositions. For this piece, Berhanrdt tackles the iconic plaid label of 3M brand Scotch Tape, goofily painted to resemble a creature in profile. Her errant spray paint drips and energetic brushstrokes fill the voids between her rough drawings, as the background color does its best to unite the subject matter. Bernhardt has explored pop imagery throughout her career, including fashion models, designer accessories, and patterns taken from carpets and fabrics. She has exhibited her work internationally, recently at The Modern in Fort Worth in FOCUS: Katherine Bernhardt in 2017.