Melanie Nützel


stainless steel and resin
14 1/8 inches long

German artist Melanie Nützel bases her work in the forms and colors of nature. In this necklace, looping rings of stainless steel and resin evoke the shape of a bird’s or insect’s wing as well as the elegant lines of flight – as if a flurry of wing beats have been diagrammed and transformed into a material record that in turn becomes a wearable adornment. When placed around a neck, the necklace comes alive, as the mobile elements shift and rearrange themselves with the wearer’s movements, different shades of red flowing into one another like the graduated hues of a bird’s feathers. Melanie Nützel completed an apprenticeship as a goldsmith and then studied jewelry at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts at Hildesheim in Germany. Her work has been exhibited in museums in Europe and the United States.