Anna Conway


oil on linen
19 x 31 inches

I am drawn to the emotional, poetic moment (in a manner usually stereotyped as feminine) in the lives of our underemployed sad dads, our awkward little brothers, our guys working construction — the people (mostly men) who aren’t supposed to have access to fear or beauty or melancholy or much else beyond what the job requires. – Anna Conway 

Anna Conway’s scenes appear empty, even when populated with characters. In Docent, the titular figure diligently waits alongside a colonial display, staring off into the empty space, hoping or doubting that a visitor will engage him in conversation. His plain clothing and vacant expression blend into the setting, where he is dwarfed by the bright window behind him. As with much of her work, the space is filled with tension, anticipating action just outside of the moment Conway chose to depict. Her straightforward style exudes an oppressive ordinariness, partially drawn