Mathew Cerletty


inkjet and watercolor on epson hot press bright 330gsm paper
20 x 20 inches
edition 15 of 20

For over a decade, Mathew Cerletty has distilled modern, domestic life into vignettes imbued with a Surrealist edge. Based on a print of his oil on linen painting Workforce, this piece pokes fun at his hyper-realistic painting style, as the work is a print of a painting of a printer, printing a painting. The humor in his work comes from this focus on the banal aspects of life that he subtly heightens. The exquisite composition, attention to detail, and rich color palette keep his paintings and prints from becoming one-off jokes. Cerletty’s work has been included in group exhibitions at the Whitney Museum, New York; Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego; and Museum Voor Moderne Kunst, Ostend, among others.