Quinn Tivey


uv print on dibond
10 x 20 x 1/2 inches
edition 1 of 2 + AP

New York-based Quinn Tivey’s background in photography has led him to investigate the presence and production of imagery in our lives. In Home Décor, Tivey pushes a wallpaper pattern to its limits. The artist has said of the work:

A digital collage of home-wallpapers, fixed on a metal substrate, undulate together into an amorphous blob. Disregarding the familiar rectangle one expects from photography, this piece takes on an outline that is almost landscape, almost reclining figure. Comfortable wallpaper designed to blend with one’s surroundings becomes digital enigma, part sculpture part print. Floating off the wall, playing between digital and analog and morphing from background into foreground, it loses all memory of comfortable design.

Tivey’s photo-based practice also extends into sculpture and installation, and his work has been exhibited throughout the US.