Garth Evans


epoxy resin, fiberglass, and paint over cardboard
20 x 21 x 11 inches

Born in 1943, British sculptor Garth Evans holds a critical place in the history of British sculpture as an important link between the generation of Anthony Caro and the generation of Tony Cragg and Anthony Gormley (both his students). His decades-long investigation into sculpture’s most inherent properties – volume, surface, weight, and scale – has produced a variety of dynamic works that rely on contradiction and innovation. In this work from 1989, a folded form juts out from the wall, covered in painted and collaged sections that cause the piece to hover in a space between pure abstraction and found object. The viewer must move around the sculpture to completely understand it, and the title hints at the active relationship between interior and exterior. Evans’ work is included in numerous museum collections worldwide.