Ingrid Donat


bronze and silver
17 1/4 x 60 1/4 x 60 inches
edition of 8 + 4 AP

Ingrid Donat has described her functional art as “discreet,” since it often only reveals its intricacy as the viewer moves closer to it. The two silvered panels of Table Basse Anneaux repeat a circular motif, covering the surface in rippling arcs that travel down to the top of the four table legs. Donat begins many of her work as wax panels where she is able to sculpt intricate designs inspired by French Art Deco or tribal art patterns. These panels are then translated into the piece of furniture that best fits the design, whether cabinets, consoles, benches, tables, or chests. Donat says her work has “has to be used. I ask that it be used.” Based in Paris, Donat began making her functional art after being encouraged by furniture maker Diego Giacometti and has been creating this body of work for over 25 years. Each piece is cast in editions of eight under the supervision of the artist. Her clients have included Yves Saint Laurent, Steve Martin, Brad Pitt, and Tom Ford.

london, new york, and paris