Robert Bordo


oil on canvas on panel
50 x 42 inches

I draw a lot before starting a painting, creating a whole ensemble of variations of compositions that begin to circle around a metaphor. I don’t have a specific image in mind, but I can have a specific idea. There’s a shift from the balance of abstraction and representation to a correlation between images and allegory. – Robert Bordo

The wet-on-wet painting style of New York artist Robert Bordo accentuates the gesture and improvisation of his representational paintings, flattening the subject matter into its essential shape and lines. The back pockets of Skinny Jeans along with the outlined gap in the pant legs come together to mimic two eyes and a nose, a theme he explored extensively in a recent body of work where he repeatedly depicted a man wearing large black-rimmed glasses. A professor at The Cooper Union School of Art, his work is held in public and private collections in the US, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art.