Tony Marsh


terracotta, wax, and assorted color
1 1/2 x 15 1/4 x 9 1/2 inches

When I arrange these blocks I am selecting size, shape and colors to create compositions…Each composed container is an aesthetic puzzle that is a densely layered, dynamic…dimensional color map. They behave like a painting and a sculpture at the same time. – Tony Marsh

The ceramic artist Tony Marsh has worked for decades crafting vessels that he punctures repeatedly to allow in light and break apart mass. The newest series of work shifts his practice by expanding the vessels into shallow ceramic boxes that contain rectilinear forms bisected by glazes and arranged into a playful composition. Marsh hand-cuts and finishes the blocks, giving each a unique shape and size, and then glazes them with two colors chosen at random. From above, Single Story with Block Contents No. 14 recalls the paintings of Piet Mondrian and invites the viewer to participate in their own intellectual exploration with the familiar forms.