Nicole Wermers


painted ceramics
11 1/16 x 22 5/16 inches

I am interested in how physical infrastructures determine social ones (and vice versa) in the structures of ritualized social relations. – Nicole Wermers

German-born, London-based Nicole Wermer’s 2015 Infrastruktur exhibition featured two elements: altered Marcel Breuer Cesca chairs with eBay-purchased fur coats slung over the back and ceramic works that resembled temporary signs with tear-off tabs. Hung in coffee shops and on telephone poles, the signs are public calls for lost cats, available rooms for rent, and guitar lessons. Wermers has removed all content from the signs and sculpted them in a more permanent material, thereby asking us to reflect on this publicly-held interaction that is often intimate or private in nature. Nicole Wermers has exhibited her work throughout Europe and the US, and in 2015 she was shortlisted for the Turner Prize.

and herald st, london