Jessica Dickinson


graphite on paper
71 3/4 x 60 inches

The “remainders” are graphite rubbings made of the paintings. Every time the surface of the paintings changes significantly, a graphite impression is made to transcribe the surface. The set of remainders made for each painting stays together as one piece and are shown chronologically, left to right. A separate final remainder is made to register the final state. As sedimentary events, they materialize forms within the paintings that have become invisible, partial, or erased. These works map the transitive passages of the paintings, becoming their indexes, traces, remainders. Every painting made since 2010 has a set of remainders. Currently the sets range between 7-23, depending on the painting. – Jessica Dickinson

Through a rigorous, interconnected system of making paintings and drawings, Jessica Dickinson’s work questions traditional notions of process, tool, and product. The surface texture of Remainder: Of/How (Final) bears evidence of Dickinson’s process of repeatedly applying and removing paint and becomes a poetic meditation on time and the act of creation. Dickinson’s work has been included in solo and group exhibitions worldwide.