Joshua Nathanson


acrylic on canvas
74 x 54 x 1 1/2 inches

LA-based Joshua Nathanson has an uncanny ability to take scenes from everyday life and turn them into paintings that are cartoonish, punchy, and visually disorienting. Here, Nathanson’s warped version of a day at the beach features skateboarders, sunbathers, and a bodybuilder. He creates studies for his paintings using iPad drawing apps, Photoshop, and inkjet printers, and he mimics (and enlarges) their digital style with airbrush, paint, and home-made oil sticks. One More Guy comes off as a winking critique of the scene, conveying the pleasure, frustration, and ambivalence of California beach culture. Nathanson’s work was recently included in museum exhibitions at Whitechapel Gallery, UK, and the Yokohama Museum, Japan.