Eddie Peake

21 + 34 = SPIRAL

spray paint on copper panel
23 5/8 x 19 5/8 x 1 inches

British artist Eddie Peake experiments with cultural ideas of self, communication, gender, and sexuality in his multi-disciplinary art practice. In the series Mirror Works, tape is used to mask off lines, letters, and numbers on highly polished sheets of metal that Peake coats in layers of fluorescent spray paint. Once the tape is removed, the negative space reveals gestural lines in the reflective metal surface. The copper “55” in 21+34=Spiral reflects back the viewer’s face, forcing them to confront their own act of looking. Voyeurism plays a significant role in Peake’s art practice – in the language used in his text pieces, the recurring theme of masks, and in installations and performance work featuring nude performers. Peake has gained wide acclaim in recent years, and his work has been included in solo and group exhibitions across the world.