Karen Kilimnik


2013 (printed 2015)
15 x 20 inches
edition 4 of 5

In her paintings, photographs, and installations, Karen Kilimnik repeatedly puts her own unique spin on themes like nostalgia, magic, fairytales, war, wealth, power, and femininity. In a recent group of still life photographs, a series of odd events play out in bucolic settings. Here, two birds are excited about a shiny piece of Chanel jewelry they have discovered in the grass. The charming innocence of the birds in the forest mixes (and clashes) with the decadence of the jewelry as a symbol of privilege and class. Yet, in Kilimnik’s world, all these ideas exist simultaneously, and come together to form complex and mysterious narratives. Solo exhibitions of Kilimnik’s work have been held at museums worldwide.

© the artist, courtesy 303 gallery, new york