Christopher Chiappa

SWEET SORROW (image on left)

resin, fiberglass, and tint on styrofoam
19 1/2 x 18 inches in diameter

BIG COUNTRY BLUE (image on right)
resin and oil based enamel on styrofoam
19 1/2 x 18 inches in diameter

In his sculptures and paintings, New York artist Christopher Chiappa examines found objects like slices of cheese, basketballs, and grills, questioning their formal characteristics and translating them to artworks the re-present the familiar in an unusual, often funny way. Sweet Sorrow and Country Blue come from a series the artist began over 10 years ago, in which each stool becomes its own spherical canvas where Chaippa can explore modern genres of painting and pop culture imagery. In these two stools, the black drips of Sweet Sorrow recall the paintings of Jackson Pollock, while the vivid color of Country Blue seems playful and child-like. The form of the stool was inspired by the tripod design of the Weber grill, and each stool functions as a table or chair, as well as a painting. The artwork/stool hybrids were part of an exhibition at Mass MoCA, and Chiappa’s work has been included in gallery and museum exhibitions across the US.

individual works sold together