Kevin Todora


direct inkjet on mdo
36 x 24 inches

Kevin Todora describes his approach to photography as “an interest in negation and subversion.” He continually exposes the materials and methods of both analog and digital photography, often conflating them into conceptually complex works. In Oval Cut Circular, an ad featuring a bunch of green grapes (a favorite subject of still life painters) has been spray painted, sliced into sections, and rephotographed. Visible tears and shadows show evidence of the image’s dimension and materiality, and the shiny, bubbled-up spray paint has now been flattened by Todora’s use of a commercial printing process. Through his playful mash-up of merged and repurposed elements, Todora’s work exists as a meditation on the presence and purpose of photography in an image-saturated society. Todora’s work has been shown in galleries throughout Texas, and his work was recently the subject of an exhibition at the Dallas Contemporary.