Alexander Tovborg


acrylic and pastel on fabric
32 x 21 inches

In his series Eternal Feminine, Danish artist Alexander Tovborg saturates felt with acrylic and pastel to form compositions filled with enigmatic imagery similar to the works of Wassily Kandinsky, Paul Klee, and Henri Matisse. In Eternal Feminine XL, the materials and intense colors combine to obscure the individual lines and shapes that suggest foliage, vessels, rainbows, and the sun. Tovborg duplicates the composition from the top half of the painting to the bottom half of the work. This doubling suggests a hidden symbolism that repeatedly appears in the series, and Tovborg paints each motif without revisiting the last painting, using only his memory to recreate each arrangement. Alexander Tovborg has exhibited internationally, and in 2014 had his first exhibition in the US.