Jonas Wood


oil and acrylic on linen
52 x 36 inches

Though Jonas Wood’s subject matter varies wildly – potted plants, baseball cards, interiors, and portraits, among others – his idiosyncratic visual style remains consistent. Wood’s craggy lines and bold areas of color are simultaneously childlike and masterful, naive and highly developed. Blue Plant Grid Pot comes out of a series of large potted plants images where Wood uses the two elements (plant clipping and pot) as a format to explore a range of complex painting textures, scales, and spatial relationships. Here, in the blue leaf portion, different tones and widths of paint give the bold flat area a feeling of dimension. In the pot section, the grid is slightly off throughout the passage, giving an otherwise flat pattern a jittery sense of depth. As with many of Wood’s works, what appears at first to be a fairly straightforward image reveals itself to be an earnest, playful, and complex painterly exploration. Wood’s work has been included in numerous solo and group exhibitions in the US and abroad.

new york; david kordansky gallery, los angeles; and gagosian gallery,
new york