Michelle Rawlings


oil on linen and artist wood frame
11 1/2 x 8 1/2 inches

Michelle Rawlings makes work inspired by the aesthetics of school and childhood learning environments. Rawlings says, “I like blurring the lines between what might be considered a sophisticated and original piece of art and something that seems as though it may have been made by a student in grade school in response to an art assignment.” In (Self-Portrait), Rawlings paints a sincere, yet compelling image of herself. This intimate work might seem simple at first, but upon closer observation, the viewer notices a rich and masterful use of orange oil paint, in which Rawlings draws herself by incising and layering, ultimately blurring the line between sophisticated specificity and youthful discovery. Rawlings work has been exhibited extensively throughout the United States. She is the second artist selected to exhibit in the prestigious Goss-Michael Foundation’s FEATURE series, on view through December 12. Rawlings lives and works in Dallas.