Paul Lee


towels, cotton thread, ink, and wire hoops
72 x 42 inches

Brooklyn based artist Paul Lee uses raw materials to make paintings, collages, and sculptures that present suspended states of transition, perhaps holding something that is unattainable. Lee takes as his starting point accessible and normal materials, such as towels, light bulbs, and aluminum cans. In Untitled (Triple Negative), Lee carefully removes the interior of three bath towels and stitches them together to create an intelligent and poetic minimalist work. Though modern in appearance, the work is tender and warm as we associate bath towels to caressing the human body after a warm shower. In November 2006, Lee had his first solo exhibition in New York at Massimo Audiello. He also shows regularly at Schoolhouse Gallery in Provincetown, and has participated in group shows at Ampersand International, San Francisco; Texas Gallery, Houston; Coleman Projects, London; and Exit Art, New York. Public collections include Dallas Museum of Art; The Walker Art Center; and Rhode Island School of Design Museum, Providence.