Verner Panton


brushed aluminum base, form-pressed wood frame, foam padding
34 x 23 1/2 x 32 inches, seat height 14 1/2 inches

“I want to design furniture that grows up out of the floor,” said Verner Panton. “To turn the furniture into something organic. Which never has four legs.” Pushing materials to their limits was a
passion of this Danish architect and designer, who always approached design challenges in unconventional ways. Panton spent three years developing his System 1-2-3 series (1973), which has been rescued from the Panton Estate archives and brought back into production. The 1-2-3 name originally referred to the fact that there were three ways to get it, from a chair without padding to
a deluxe, tufted version. With the relaunch, all of the chairs have the same comfortable padding, and only the upholstery options differ. This cantilevered chair delivers slightly springy, pleasing support and a gentle waterfall edge behind your knees. Each chair comes with a certificate of authen- ticity, and Panton’s signature is stamped into the base. Licensed manufacture by Verpan ApS. Produced under license from the Verner Panton Estate Basel, Switzerland. Made in Denmark.

* Best of Year! The System 1-2-3 Lounge Chair received Interior Design magazine’s top honor for 2011.

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