Amikam Toren


oil on canvas
23 1/2 x 20 1/2 x 1/2 inches

For more than four decades, Israeli artist Amikam Toren’s work has thoroughly examined the conceptual and material framework that defines art. Toren’s Reproduction Paintings question the status of the fine art object by creating a relationship between the idea and materiality. In Reproduction Painting No. 6, a section of a thrift-store landscape painting is cut out, pulped, and re-pasted back onto a new stretched canvas, wittily juxtaposing the remnant of the painting-as-pictorial window with painting-as-materiality. Amikam Tornen’s work has been exhibited internationally since 1967, in cities such as Paris, London, Bristol, Warsaw, Manchester, Cambridge, Padua, Vienna, Tel Aviv, Cologne, Burgundy, New York, San Francisco, Rio de Janiero, Venice, Guangzhou, Seoul, amongst others.