Emeco for the U.S. Navy


anodized aluminum
34 x 16 1/2 x 19 1/2 inches, seat height 18 inches

Legend has it that Wilton Dinges, who founded Em- eco in 1944, actually tossed a 1006 Navy Chair out the window of a six-story building. The outcome? A few minor scratches. While we don’t know whether he acted out of anger or curiosity – or both – we do know that the result of his “experiment” speaks vol- umes about the chair’s quality. Emeco’s 77-step pat- ented construction process was invented to satisfy a military need for lightweight, corrosion-resistant equip- ment. In the late 1990s, the Navy Chair’s iconic de- sign began catching the attention of architects and designers, initiating a new era for Emeco. Beginning with soft, recycled aluminum, 1006 Navy seating goes through a series of hand-crafted processes, in- cluding heat treatment and anodizing, to render the chair diamond-hard and virtually indestructible. Though imitations of the 1006 exist far and wide, Emeco’s Navy Chair is the only one to go through this rig- orous production process. Three small welds on the back of the slats are left exposed to indicate that this often-copied seating is the real thing. Specially made stainless steel foot caps are covered with a clear plas- tic glide to prevent scratching floors or snagging carpets. Optional seat pad available separately. Made in U.S.A.