Analia Saban


laser sculpted paper and ink on paper
27 1/2 x 20 inches

Analia Saban uses basic elements of art to blur the boundary between painting, sculpture, photography, image, and object. In Room (Loaded), the artist depicts a one-point perspective drawing of a room. This linear illusion is then contrasted with a textured background, which has a physical presence and depth, successfully obscuring traditional notions of dimensional language. Analia Saban was born in 1980 in Buenos Aires, and is currently living and working in Los Angeles. The artist recently participated in the biennial survey exhibition MADE IN LA 2012a the Hammer Museum in collaboration with LAXART, Los Angeles. Current and upcoming shows include La Ballena Negra, MARCO Museum of Contemporary Art, Vigo, Spain; Lost Line: Selections from the Permanent Collection, Los Angeles County Museum of Art andFriArt, Fribourg, Switzerland, among others.