Tim Knowles


plastic, pen, and ink on paper
12 3/8 x 12 3/8 x 3 1/8 inches

British artist Tim Knowles’ uses the readymade process of shipping to create the drawings from his Postal series. Each work starts out as a blank page mounted in a box with a drawing device, seen here in MK3 Postal Project, London-Dallas, that uses an acrylic buggy with a pen mounted in the center. The work is then sent through the postal system, where elements of chance and performance come together, and the pen tracks the journey of the box overseas. The drawing is considered complete when it arrives at its intended destination. Knowles has exhibited widely in the UK and Europe. Currently, he is featured in Verdant at MassART, Boston, and in Out of Control at Nest, the Hague. This fall Knowles will unveil Windgrid, a public art installation in Taylor Square, Sydney, Australia. In early 2013, he will present Mass Windwalk, which consists of 100 participants departing simultaneously from Taylor Square, guided solely by the wind, their paths plotted by a GPS device, producing a live drawing.