Erik Madigan Heck


digital c-print
50 x 40 inches
edition 1 of 3

The photographs of Erik Madigan Heck romantically blend fashion, fine-art, and mixed media. In Kisia in Mirror, Heck’s dreamlike stage and a ruminating model are harmonized by an artistic dress, ultimately frozen in time through the photographic lens. The subject, Kisia, allows access into this world on her own terms, forcing you to enter through the reflection of the ornate mirror, bearing access while keeping a set distance. Similar to Kisia in Mirror, Iris in Red presents a model keenly aware of the camera’s lens, here gazing directly at the viewer in a red floral dress, surrounded by an explosion of texture and color. Born in Excelsior in 1983 to Croatian and Northern Irish parents, Heck earned his MFA in Photography and Film Related Studies from Parsons School of Design in New York in 2009, where he currently lives and works.