Sanya Kantarovsky

oil, watercolor, pastel, and charcoal on linen
30 x 24 inches

The fairytale-like works of Moscow-born artist Sanya Kantarovsky seem to illustrate stories unknown to the viewer. The female character in Crocodile III (After L’Alpha et L’Omega) holds a small piece of fruit above a smiling crocodile, either tempting him with a treat or resisting his demand for it. Oil paint and watercolor create texture within the charcoal and pastel outlines of the curving shapes of the woman and animal, resulting in a sensuous, allegorical work. Living and working in New York, Kanatarovsky has exhibited throughout Europe and the US.

estimated retail value: $24,000

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OWN it NOW 2015

courtesy of the artist, stuart shave modern art, london; casey kaplan,
new york; marc foxx, los angeles; and tanya leighton gallery, berlin
gallery websites:,,,