Mark Hagen

acrylic through burlap over panel
and titanium frame anodized with diet coke
40 5/8 x 20 5/8 inches
images shown are of the front and side views of this work

The multi-staged processes employed by LA artist Mark Hagen stir curiosity in the viewer while taking advantage of the physical qualities of each medium. In To Be Titled, Hagen pushes a gradient of black and white paint through burlap and onto a substrate that lends the paint its imprint. Once the burlap is removed, the negative of the fabric on the painted surface gives the work a subtle geometry and complex finish that interrupt the tonal shifts of gray. The low-level relief painting is offset by the vibrant prismatic colors in the anodized titanium frame. Mark Hagen’s work can be found in multiple public collections, and has been included in exhibitions across the US and abroad.

estimated retail value: $15,500

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OWN it NOW 2015

courtesy of the artist, almine rech gallery, brussels/paris/london;
and travesia cuatro, madrid/guadalajara