Margaret Lee

silver gelatin print and acrylic paint
43 x 31 inches

Margaret Lee’s work often features a playful back and forth between the worlds of painting, photography, and sculpture. In this photo, a sculptural arrangement of painter’s tools has been photographed and printed in black-and-white. In the photo, one can has been painted white, and the tools are in various states of use (seen in the paint drips on the smaller can). The final gesture comes in the black painted bars that both negate and reaffirm the work in a self-referential playback loop. Lee was featured in the 12th Lyon Biennale. She was selected by Beatrix Ruf and Peter Eleey as the recipient of the 2012 Artadia NADA prize and was named one of Modern Painter’s 24 artists to watch in 2013.

estimated retail value: $10,000

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courtesy of the artist and jack hanley gallery, new york
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