Lucas Knipscher

fabric and photographic emulsion on canvas, in two parts
40 x 24 x 2 inches

New York-based Lucas Knipscher makes work that examines the ever-present materiality of the image by using photo developing processes in a painterly manner. Here, Knipscher prints a fish-scale pattern onto emulsion that has been applied gesturally, causing the pattern to come in and out of focus. His erratic application of the emulsion purposely fails to cover the two conjoined canvases, causing visual discrepancies that yield fascinating pictorial voids. The final image is a beautifully complex and subtle one, as it appears to mirror itself horizontally, yet is visually united by the fish-scale pattern that moves up throughout the composition. Recent exhibitions of Knipscher’s work include Rachel Uffner Gallery, New York; Galerie Albert Baronian, Brussels; Dingum, Berlin; and Gio Marconi Gallery, Milan.

estimated retail value: $7,000

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courtesy of the artist and thomas duncan gallery, los angeles
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