Katherine Bernhardt

acrylic and spray paint on canvas
48 x 48 inches

Familiar emblems of consumer and pop culture appear in Brooklyn artist Katherine Bernhardt’s gestural paintings, like the iconic markers in 3 Sharpies: Orange, Turquoise, Purple. Spray paint outlines the three oblong Sharpies and watered-down acrylic brushstrokes radiate off of the canvas. Bernhardt has explored pop imagery throughout her career, from fashion models, designer accessories, and patterns taken from carpets and fabrics. Her current work takes consumer products, fast food, fruit, and animals – all chosen for their humor and shape – and positions these into an allover pattern. The everyday is made into a graphic arrangement painted in Bernhardt’s energetic and colorful style. Bernhardt’s paintings have been exhibited throughout the world and will be on display at the Modern in Fort Worth in FOCUS: Katherine Bernhardt in 2017.

estimated retail value: $20,000

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OWN it NOW 2016

courtesy of the artist and canada, new york
gallery website: canadanewyork.com