Jeronimo Elespe

oil on aluminum
11 3/4 x 9 7/8 inches

Spanish artist Jeronimo Elespe makes intimately scaled oil paintings on aluminum that embrace the autobiographical as a point of departure, thereby meditating on daily life. In Pedro, Elespe renders a solitary figure, perhaps a friend, in an atmospheric and tranquil space situated at a table-top surface. He paints obsessively, mark by mark, and yet, simultaneously creates a tranquil image. He emphasizes the hands in this work, which seem to be tending to an herb or a small plant. This nurturing gesture, which is embedded in the ordinary routine of everyday life, suddenly becomes a magical moment ingrained in the gradual process of Pedro’s making. Elespe was born in Madrid where he currently lives and works. He was educated at Yale and the School of Visual Arts. Recent exhibitions include Centro de Arte Contemporaneo, Malagna; Pedro Cera, Lisbon; and Nusser and Baumgart, Munich.

estimated retail value: $13,500

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courtesy of the artist and eleven rivington, new york
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