Gail Peter Borden

acrylic and resin on panel
12 x 36 x 2 inches

There is a clean vibrancy and directness in the graphic work of Gail Peter Borden. By combining color and geometry, Borden creates interesting formal relationships in pictorial space. In Stack Series 2, a bright rectangular volume mysteriously occupies the desaturated, desert-like ground. There is a dynamic tension in Borden’s composition, as the two-point perspective draws one in, yet a limited amount of information keeps the viewer at a distance. Borden is an artist and an architect, and he is currently the Discipline Head of Architecture, Director of Graduate Architecture, and Associate Professor at the University of Southern California School of Architecture. In 2004, Borden received a prestigious artist-in-residence from The Chinati Foundation in Marfa.

estimated retail value: $2,200

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courtesy of the artist and galleri urbane, dallas and marfa
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