FLEXJET Set to Marfa, Texas

Three couples will fly in style thanks to luxurious private air travel donated by FLEXJET. When it comes to luxury, comfort, performance, safety, and reliability, FLEXJET sets the standard.

Arrive in Marfa, Texas, for a 2-day, 1-night trip with insider access to Marfa’s most important art destinations. Dallas Museum of Art’s very own Gavin Delahunty will accompany your group throughout the trip. Enjoy private and customized tours at the renowned Judd Foundation and the Chinati Foundation. Rest well in beautiful rooms at the historic Hotel Saint George in downtown Marfa.

Whether you have seen the Marfa lights twinkle many times, or this is your first trek to west Texas, this TWO x TWO trip offers you and your friends the best in luxury travel and exclusive access to the art highlights that made Marfa famous.

*six guests
*round-trip flights from Dallas to Marfa (3 hours flight time)
*flexjet terms and conditions apply
*mutually agreed upon date, minimum

courtesy of flexjet, tony and celeste meier, hotel saint george, the chinati foundation, judd foundation, strong travel
estimated retail value: $35,000
company websites: flexjet.com, marfasaintgeorge.com, chinati.com, juddfoundation.com, strongtravel.com