Celia Rogge

60 x 40 inches
edition 1 of 4

Photographing her subject Calliope outdoors in infrared, German-born fashion and art photographer Celia Rogge transforms the everyday world into a dreamlike landscape. Infrared light lies just outside of the visible light spectrum, and photography taken using special equipment produces eerie colorations in foliage and sky, imparts a ceramic-like quality to skin, and has a definitive crispness and sharp focus. While living in New York and London, Rogge began her series of reflection works, recasting the monumental glass buildings around her as fragmented spaces and mirrored surfaces. Remnants of that series can be seen here in the glassy calm of the lake behind Calliope – her “muse” that bears the name of the Greek muse of eloquence and epic poetry.

estimated retail value: $8,500

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courtesy of the artist
artist website: celiarogge.com