Basil Beattie

oil on canvas
83 7/8 x 78 x 4 3/8 inches

Basil Beattie refers to himself as a “sort of symbolist,” and much of his recent work resides in an in-between place where shapes might be read as either potent, distilled forms, or purely abstract expressions. A frequent motif is a shape that looks like steps, ladders, or ziggurats, seen here in Above and Below. The stacked rectangles teeter upwards in a diagonal formation, and a simple white line articulates a horizon in the background. Below the horizon, the rectangles feature a series of portals or landscapes, while above the line they are gestural blocks of color. Expressive and enigmatic, Beattie’s work opens itself up to a number of interpretations centered around the movement of the steps and the implied landscapes throughout the piece. Beattie’s work has been included in numerous solo and group museum exhibitions.

estimated retail value: $47,000

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OWN it NOW 2015

courtesy of the artist and hales gallery, london
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