Anna Bogatin

watercolor and ink on paper
12 x 16 inches

When looking at the work of Anna Bogatin, one experiences a quiet excitement and an intimate sereneness. Bogatin says that, “[w]orking with the most basic universal elements – dots and lines, I developed a personal vocabulary to create an experience that is universally familiar, pleasurable and empowering. Each line is an experience. Each dot is an event.” In River Wandering, each blue line tells a unique story, and yet, they all come together beautifully to compose a harmonious surface akin to significant post-war American painters Agnes Martin, Barnet Newman, and Ad Reinhardt. Anna Bogatin has held multiple solo exhibitions in the United States and Russia. She was born in Lugansk, Ukraine, and currently lives and works in Philadelphia.

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courtesy of the artist and holly johnson gallery, dallas
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