Jeppe Hein


glass fiber reinforced plastic, chrome lacquer, magnet, and string (white smoke)
2 balloons, 15 3/4 x 10 1/4 x 10 1/4 inches each

Danish artist Jeppe Hein’s work is often characterized by a minimalist approach to materials combined with an absurdist slant that surprises and challenges viewers’ expectations. Here, what appears to be a pair of balloons are stuck to the ceiling just out of reach. The moment of celebration (hinted at in the title) is lost, and the balloons are separated from their owner, evidence of a moment from the past. In their present state, the balloons offer not just a hint at some past event, but also a highly polished reflective surface that mirrors the viewer’s surroundings. Typical of Hein’s work, this seemingly simple work sets up a situation where the viewer might reflect on the fleeting nature of time, the dynamics of architectural space, and their own impulses and desires. Hein’s work has been the subject of solo museum exhibitions around the world and is in multiple museum collections.

photo credit: florian neufeldt