Lisa Williamson


acrylic on paper
40 x 32 inches

LA-based Lisa Williamson’s minimal, pristinely executed works dance around the ever-potent boundary between abstraction and representation. Like Brancusi’s abstracted natural forms, Williamson distills and alters her subjects, while still retaining their essence, seen here in Tree. Pared down to the tree’s vertical and horizontal lines (possibly a pine tree?) in green with red tips, the work does not look like a tree, though it certainly embodies the idea of a tree. Characteristic of Williamson’s work, her abstracted tree form possesses a unique bit of humor and personality. Williamson has been in gallery shows throughout the US and Europe, and her work was featured in Variations: Conversations in and Around Abstract Painting, LACMA, Los Angeles; Made in L.A., Hammer Museum, Los Angeles; and California Biennial, The Orange County Museum of Art, Newport Beach.