John Pomara


oil enamel on aluminum
47 x 36 x 1 inches

In the digital era, information is displayed through the use of computer monitors, cell phones, and printers. The formatting and technology of each device alters the information for display. The technology and visual language of the modern world are the basis for John Pomara’s abstract paintings. In Data-Mix, horizontal bars of chattered lines form the composition, and it appears that the data tracked in the black lines merges with information in the pale green field, altering and inverting it. Pomara deliberately keeps his work abstract, omitting any reference to actual information, leaving us with the impression a world where data is constantly floating around us. Pomara’s work is included in a number of museum collections, including Dallas Museum of Art which organized a Concentrations exhibition of his work in 2001, and Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. In 2005, he was honored with the Legends Award from the Dallas Contemporary which presented a fifteen year survey of his work. He has shown extensively in solo and group exhibitions in New York, Chicago, Houston, Miami, Los Angeles, and London.